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EARLY HISTORY OF THE BLOODHOUND . .  continued:  Topsell/Gesner


EDWARD TOPSELL’S History of Four-Footed Beasts 1607, is the next major source of information regarding the early Bloodhound, how it was regarded, and how it relates to similar breeds.  It also takes us back to Boece, to John Caius, and into Europe. 
In it, on facing pages there are woodcuts of the Scottish Rache, (pronounced to rhyme with ‘catch’) the Scottish Sleuthhound and the English Bloodhound, with associated descriptions, as on plate 3.  Here we have the relationship spelled out pretty clearly.  The Sleuthhound is similar to the rache, but bigger   *    and the Bloodhound hardly differs from the Sleuthhound, except that it is bigger still, and has a greater range of colours. 

[   *    Topsell follows Bellenden rather than Boece, in saying the sleuthhound is bigger. Gesner follows Boece, in saying it is not. Topsell/Bellenden maybe knew better and were correcting what they saw as a mistake in Boece.. ]