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Aspects of Bloodhound History ©
by Mac Barwick
NOTES ON SOME SOURCES IN THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE BLOODHOUND,  was printed in 1995, and sold by the Bloodhound Club.  The other two articles had appeared in the American Bloodhound Club Bulletin, but they represent material previously published, beginning many years before, in either the Bloodhound Club or the Association of Bloodhound Breeders’ magazines. 

Magazines are occasional publications, which people may or may not read, but in any case are likely to throw away and then forget.  I thought it would be justifiable to include the two articles, in a booklet because they involve an assemblage of facts and evidence gathered over the years which should be available on a longer term basis, if only as a starting point, so that other people investigating, or wishing to reinterpret these aspects of the history of the Bloodhound would not have to do the work all over again. 

Because the three pieces were written independently of one another, a considerable amount of the same basic material appears in all three.  But the focus of each study is different, band each contains illustration peculiar to itself.  The amount of illustration and the detail will undoubtedly be a barrier to easy reading, but I wanted to show that there is substance and evidence behind what I have to say.  In particular the first study is not intended to be a history of the bloodhound.  It is, as the title says, devoted to the identification, evaluation and interpretation of sources.  I have added a list of sources to the latest revision.  Many older sources are now available to consult first hand on line, and can be found via the list of references in the Wikipedia entries for ‘Bloodhound’, ‘Sleuth hound’, ‘Limer’, etc as they are at the moment.