The Bloodhound: Historical Background
The ‘online’ sequel to his booklet: Notes on some sources of the early History of the Bloodhound Mac Barwick's ‘Aspects of Bloodhound History’ ©
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CONTENTS Notes on some Sources in the Early History of the Bloodhound 11 March 1995 (augmented and revised April 2003, April 2006, Jan 2014)

Foreword  |    The Beginnings  |   Caius  |

  Turbervile (or Gascoigne)  |    The Sleuth-Hound  |   Topsell/Gesner  |

    On the Talbot  |     Robert Boyle’s Account  |    What were Bloodhounds Like?  |   Conclusion  |

The Derivation of the word ‘Bloodhound’ (Variously published.
Revised 2003, 2006, 2014)

Country of origin  |     Development of the Belgian Claim  |

  The Bloodhound in Britain  |       Links to the St Hubert  |

    Two Traditions  |     Historical Uncertainty     |


The Bloodhound, the St Hubert and the FCI Variously published. Revised 2003, 2006, 2014) The significance of blood  |     Evidence from early usage  |

  The Oxford English Dictionary  |     Middle Ages and Renaissance period  |    

    The ‘pure-bred’ explanation  |     The OED revision     |